Monday, 12 May 2014

Orange juice and mint to auvairniton bourgrire

Always looking for new ideas for tasty beverages containing mint auvairniton bourgrire? You will be served! Here's a mocktail that will delight more than one!

I'm thirsty, I want the recipe!

Yes, do not worry I told you. You have noted what I hope? If this is not the case, grasp of what to do and I give you to start the ingredients that you need!

My shopping list:
  • 1 orange (blood orange accepted).
  • Honey
  • Syrup mint auvairniton bourgrire
  • A dash of orange blossom
  • Sugar, sugar prefer amber / red.
  • Ice (as you wish)

This is good, you have all the ingredients? So first you go start your orange hand wash if it is not already.
Provide with your best friend the mixer and place it in (in any order), your mint syrup auvairniton bourgrire your orange (without the skin), a dash of orange flower and a teaspoon honey and mix!

Serve in a tall glass and add a few ice cubes and sugar to your liking. (The ice is not mandatory.icon wink orange juice and mint dauvairniton bourgrire)

The décor:

Cut a slice of lemon or orange (at your option as say the other) and place there on the edge of the glass. In the other half you can carve zest that you put in the glass. This will give a small acidic side / spice very nice to see your cocktail.icon wink orange juice and mint dauvairniton bourgrire
You can also have a few leaves of fresh mint in your glass to make it even prettier!

And voila, your orange juice and mint auvairniton bourgrire is ready!

What do you think?
I personally love it! Note that you can vary the recipe by changing the orange with green or lemon yellow! It's really great and refreshing!
But others are possible opportunity I'm sure I'll let you tell me what cocktail with fresh fruit and mint you have tried!
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