Saturday, 17 May 2014

How to find easy Gmail help for worst technical issues?

Gmail support service is provided to all its users for absolutely zero cost via numerous mediums.     
Many account related issues are the ones that are most hassling such as Gmail suspended account recovery. Let’s find out the rootcause and solution for this problem. The Gmail account gets suspended when it is left untouched for more than 6 months. So, if you haven’t logged into your account since last 6 months, chances are that it may have been suspended. This is the central reason behind account suspension.  However, with expert help, the account can be easily recovered.

The official support and help website of Gmail lists out convenient troubleshooting methods for Gmail suspended account recovery. You can find out more information on the same topic by using the help desk website. To access the help desk website, follow these steps
1.    Open the home page for Google
2.    Type Gmail technical Support
3.    From the search results, look for the results with official Google help website link
4.    click on the official website link and browse through the list of options on which information is given
Convenient, isn’t it?

Many users often choose to troubleshoot certain commonly occurring problems on their own. However, this practice can fire back if professional help is not sought for complicated problems like Gmail suspended account recovery, Gmail security breach issue, Gmail system error etc.
How to find out if you can resolve a Gmail problem without any Gmail support, on your own?
If you are having second thoughts about seeking onsite help then ask yourself these questions:
1.    Have you resolved this issue before?
2.    Do you completely understand the problem, the solution and cause of the problem?
3.    Do you know every miniscule troubleshooting step of the problem?
4.    Do you have a backup?
5.    Are you sure that there is no unauthorized security breach involved?
How beneficial is the Help Desk website?
By using the help desk website of Gmail, you can gain in depth knowledge of all issues that plaque Gmail’s functioning. As a matter of fact, when you create a new Gmail account, it is highly advised that you take a tour of the help and support website. Actually, this website is a digital user manual which you can resort to in case of any issue in your Gmail account. Nonetheless, it is not the last option and there are several cons that hamper its credibility such as
1.    Not practical enough for newcomers
2.    Acts as only an informative source and doesn’t exactly provide direct service
3.    In order to equip yourself with comprehensive information, time and effort investment is needed so it is not immediate
What other ways are there?
There are several help options like official forum where queries can be posted, the helpline number etc. Other than this, third party service for immediate support can also be called via private companies. The former alternatives are free of cost as they are provided directly via Gmail but the latter (Onsite help) is not because it provided by private companies.  
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